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Narmar is the Egyptian king that unified upper and lower Egypt, the stone of Narmar describes
the event through figures sculpted over the stone, the event represents peace after plight, the
event paved the route for Egypt to have its position under the sun as a major kingdom and to be
remembered for ever as one of the greatest civilizations in history.

Notes :

Top: Cardamom Notes, Juniper Notes,Bergamot Notes, lavender Notes,Clary sage Notes

Mid: Green tea Notes, Cinnamon Notes, Rose Notes, Lily Notes ,Cashmeran Notes

Base: Cashmeran Notes , seductive tobacco Notes with hints of Tonka bean Notes, Oakmoss Notes, Suede Notes
and cedar wood Notes


Perfume Story :

Narmer, the Egyptian king who unified upper and lower Egypt, is immortalized in the Narmer Palette—a stone adorned with sculpted figures depicting this historic event. While the stone captures the essence of the unification, imagine a fragrance, a symbolic perfume echoing the peace that followed. Much like the Narmer Palette, a well-crafted perfume can evoke a timeless legacy. Just as Narmer’s reign secured Egypt’s place, a signature perfume, too, can etch its mark, resonating through the ages in the olfactory memories of those who experience its allure.

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  1. lanidon

    The feeling is similar to the philosophies authors of the modern Fougere Royale Houbigant ,when a brilliant perfumer from Egypt tells us the History of ancient Egypt.
    Remember the brand!
    Nilafar du Nil…..I have a dream,to see this brand on Notino “shelfs”

  2. vicius

    This feels like Mad Men in a bottle, it’s beautiful. It is both a barbershop style fougere and an elegant tobacco leather. It totally fits the art deco bottle style. I am not a fan of either barbershop or leather and especially not tobacco, but I can’t help but be charmed by everything this house makes.

  3. StarA1

    An elegant and luxurious fragrance from the Egyptian house of perfumes Nilafar du Nil, a fragrance made with skill and ingenious precision for men, summery par excellence, and very luxurious comparable to the best Niche fragrances.
    A breathtaking scent that fascinates those around you with a harmonious aroma mixed with extreme craftsmanship, high quality, above excellent performance, with very favorable price.
    Conclusion: An elegant, luxurious, worthwhile fragrance, nominated for blind purchase without hesitation.

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