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The mother of Ramesses II, the queen of the valley of the queens, is thought to be the adaptive mother of Prophet Moses. She was one of the correspondents in the placement of the year 21 peace treaty between Egypt and Hatti.

Release date – February 2022

Category – Amber Floral



Top: Blackcurrant Notes  – Rhubarb Notes

Mid: Rose  Notes  – Ylang-Ylang  Notes  – Jasmine  Notes  – Frangipani Notes

Base: Vanilla  Notes   – Tuberose  Notes   – Musk Notes  – Patchouli Notes   – Sandalwood Notes


Perfume Story :

The illustrious figure identified as the mother of Ramesses II, a queen closely linked to the Valley of the Queens, is believed to have potentially served as the adoptive mother of Prophet Moses. Intriguingly, she was among the key participants in the negotiations surrounding the peace treaty of the year 21 between Egypt and Hatti. Imagining her in a setting adorned with roses and jasmine, we crafted a luxurious perfume precisely highlighting these blossoms. Picture this exquisite perfume, beginning with a burst of juiciness and tartness from rhubarb and blackcurrant, then transforming into a delightful blend of rose, jasmine, and tuberose notes. This captivating fragrance, reminiscent of ancient queens and their regal ambiance, rests on a velvety base of vanilla and musk. With each application of this enchanting perfume, you’re transported to a world where history and aromatic beauty converge, creating a truly sensorial experience. The perfume becomes a fragrant ode to the past, evoking the elegance and grace associated with queens from time immemorial.


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  1. mostafa

    it is quite feminine & not suitable for guys.

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