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Release date : March 2020

Category : Aromatic Spicy



Top: Citron, Green apple, Kiwi

Mid: Amyris, Cocoa, Chamomile

Base: incense, Styrax


Perfume Story :

Tonka is the King here totally addictive in its complex luxury, a hint of chocolate, a hint of chamomile, a clean, enjoyable and inoffensive scent that would perfectly work for the office, an unexpected pairing between an exotic wood from a Caribbean island and a precious bean from Ghana, Instantly kindle a flame, a flame that never dies. The composition opens energetically with the sweet citrus scent of Citron, apples and Kiwi then sweet woods and Tonka dominates on a base of incense and Styrax.

0.1 kg
1 × 1 × 1 cm

2 reviews for ORION

  1. Smokybroom

    I really enjoy this one, and i think it might be one of my favourites from the discovery set. Its fresh, masculine and performs well. Only thing thats stopping me, is that I get shower gel vibes from it. Still a great scent though.

  2. StarA1

    A luxurious elegant and unique summer fragrance from the Egyptian luxury perfume house Nilafar du Nil.
    “Orion, armed with the violence of the wind, floated on the shore of the Red Sea, whose waves flooded Pharaoh and his Memphis cavalry.” – John Milton, Paradise Lost (book).
    The fragrance is stark masculine for men over forty years old, suitable for use in summer evenings, job interviews, important meetings or social events, as well as for spring.
    A fragrance that is easy to accept from others, non-repulsive, I have received many compliments on it already since the first wear.
    The performance is above average and very noticeable:
    – Longevity: 5 to 6 hours or probably a little higher
    – Sillage: 4 to 5 hours or probably a little higher
    Conclusion: a luxurious niche fragrance that eliminates a lot of fragrances at an acceptable price, worth an actual experience.

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